Velocity announces partnership with OneStream Software, providing enhanced implementation and support services

October 29, 2019

Leading enterprise cloud application management services provider Velocity Technology Solutions has confirmed its Silver Partnership with OneStream Software. Velocity will offer implementation services along with the support of the corporate management platform available at OneStream, streamlining reporting for many businesses.

Craig Colby, chief revenue officer of OneStream confirmed that they were very excited to reveal with a partnership with Velocity, highlighting extending their global presence. Colby explains that each partner is put through a detailed training scheme to ensure complete compliance with their mission and to allow total customer success. Colby reiterated that this latest deal was a strategic partnership, enabling further customer evolution on a large scale and allows OneStream to provide shared customers with a smart corporate management platform solution, removing common challenges experienced on other platforms.

OneStream offers a simplified and unified Smart CPM platform that combines financial consolidation, planning, reporting, analytics and financial data all within one system. OneStream removes the potential risk and challenge of data management, reconciliation and other processes that are faced when using a non-integrated CPM platform. Mike Piloto, the VP of EPM, BI and BPO business at Velocity also stated how excited they were about the partnership with OneStream. Piloto believes their experience fits perfectly with the best practices and underlying goal of OneStream, to solve technical problems for technical customers. Piloto states that they are excited to be contributing to expanding the customer base at OneStream.

About Velocity Technology Solutions

Velocity is transforming cloud services and enterprise application management tools. Their solution enables teams total control over their technology, creating better business results. With Velocity, industry leaders can enhance their asset management and performance reporting services by utilising big data, analytics and other integrated solutions.

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