Cloudera launches plan for a new era of Cloud Data Analytics

September 17, 2019

One of three of the original Hadoop distribution businesses has confirmed their plans to launch a number of big data platforms in the cloud. Arun Murthy, the chief product officer at Cloudera confirmed the business was preparing for further movement into modern technology to manage and analyse data.

Cloudera has moved away from promoting themselves as a Hadoop company and has developed a number of technology systems aimed at enterprise customers and their plan is to provide a collection of open source technologies that are available in the cloud to enterprise customers. The new vision is focused on creating a series of emerging large scale data systems, consisting of open source components and solely based in the cloud. 

Cloudera has been working towards this vision with a focus on its Cloudera Data Platform. The business released the technology with a statement that a number of customers were assessing the services within a public cloud deployment. Cloudera highlighted that its sales pipeline had increased since Q1 and were on target for the year. An extended version of the technology is due to be released later this year.

Cloudera also announced this month that it plans to acquire Arcadia Data, a specialist AI-driven company focusing on business intelligence and real-time analytics. Cloudera believes the technology at Arcadia will accelerate delivery time for customer insights by offering self-service access to data and improved analytical response time.

In a recent release and steps recently made by Cloudera, Murthy refers to the concept of Hadoop and how the software is essentially a stack, where each layer i.e. storage, compute platform, etc. are designed in a manner that allows them to be connected together. Cloudera is essentially leveraging open data standards and technology and moving away from systems that are controlled by vendors. Murthy explains that the core goal of the Cloudera Data Platform is to ensure that the cloud service created is simpler for businesses to measure value from the platform without having to understand the complex level of detail associated with power technologies.

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