Syncfusion announces the release of a new business intelligence solution

June 25, 2019

Syncfusion has released its latest product, the Bold BI, a detailed cloud-based business intelligence platform. The enterprise solution will provide companies of all sizes with complete access to new data insights.

Bold BI will enable analysts and other users to generate innovative dashboards and also includes a detailed data integration platform to manage complex data tasks. Bold BI connects the process of raw data and generating actual insights in record time.

Daniel Jebaraj, the VP of Syncfusion explains how excited they are to announce the availability of the Bold BI platform, highlighting that they have been developing leading software systems since 2001. Jebaraj states that their systems are utilised by many business intelligence companies today.

With years of experience in developing business intelligence solutions, Syncfusion was able to deliver a unique system. Jeberaj believes that Syncfusion has created a solution that means companies are no longer required to select a specific employee or team to understand their data. Bold BI will allow most mid-sized companies to access data insights that can really influence their business.

The Bold BI platform will provide integration with over 80 common data systems including Azure AQL Data Warehouse, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Bold BI also includes the following features:

-The ability to collect data from multiple sources generating insights across entire data sets.

-Complete end-to-end support from onboarding to completing the product

-Drag and drop custom features

-Real-time operation via the interactive dashboards

-Complete integration with Office 365 and Active Directory

Jebaraj explains that it is easy to exclude human support as an additional feature, but Syncfusion believes this is what makes Bold BI unique and so useful. Users of Bold BI who experience challenges can utilise the support teams at Syncfusion to assist with their projects. In short, Syncfusion wants their users to succeed and Jebaraj highlights that they are committed to providing both the tools and the experience to achieve this.

Bold BI provides solutions for a number of industries including finance, IT, insurance, healthcare and telecommunications.

About Syncfusion

Syncfusion is a leading enterprise technology provider for software development, providing a range of web, mobile and desktop systems. Over the years Syncfusion has become a trusted global partner for many complex applications. Today, the business has over 12,000 customers, including established financial businesses, large IT consultancies and Fortune 100 companies.

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