Will you be a successful relocator?

February 17, 2017

In working with many different people wanting to relocate to the UK, I have found that it is often possible to tell, right at the beginning of the process, who will be successful.  It is not just about the right opportunities being available at the right time, but rather their approach to the process that seems to make the most difference.

These are a few of the key differences that have been apparent in successful candidates:

  • They do their research – they have not only looked into the UK job market but also have taken the time to research specific companies and find out if suitable positions may be available.
  • They have a reason why – they have a very clear vision for their career path and have identified that getting experience in an international environment or in an English speaking country will be to their advantage. Sometimes it is their partner that has gotten a job in the UK and they are also now in the market to relocate.
  • They prove their commitment – in correspondence they are quick to respond to e-mails or phone calls, and they are willing to do their own research to help the recruiter identify companies to target for them. In my own experience I had a candidate I had been working with for 4 weeks and arranged a few interviews for. He then sent me an advert of a company I had not come across yet.  I approached the company and this is where he eventually got the job, and by me doing the leg work, it saved him a lot of time.
  • They see the process as an investment – in most cases, clients will cover travel expenses for interviews and relocation, but I find those candidates who are really committed aren’t too bothered about who covers the costs. They see it is something they have to do to find a job and if they have to pay their own way to get there they are often willing to do this.
  • They are patient and unfazed by set-backs – even if they don’t get a particular interview or job offer, they don’t give up. They continue to research companies and stay in regular contact with me to find out if any new opportunities have come up.
  • They are persistent – I seldom have to follow up with them or chase them for feedback or information. Instead they are usually the one’s chasing me because they are eager to make the opportunity work for them.

The best advice I can give to people considering relocating to the UK is to follow the example of these successful candidates. With this approach you greatly increase the chances of getting a job offer that can help you further your career.

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