SAP and Infosys confirm partnership to support digital transformation in business

October 2, 2019

Leading global digital service provider Infosys has confirmed the launch of a new platform called Innov8, accelerating digital transformation by using SAP digital solutions. Within the program, Infosys and SAP are in discussion to deliver a partnered engagement model involved Embrace from SAP and the Innov8 program. The partnership model plans to support businesses in speeding up their digital transformation process using SAP S/4HANA to create intelligent enterprises.

The suggested collaboration intends to allow Infosys to become one of SAP’s first global strategic partners for Embrace, created to generate business customer adoption of both cloud and digital systems from SAP. Including in excess of 70 active cases covering artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and analytics, the Innov8 project opens the potential for businesses to invest in innovative systems and focus on developing intelligent businesses. Innov8 will help businesses transform their processes on to one transparent system and offer easy access to the SAP environment for existing and new cloud customers.

SAP and Infosys intend to offer Innov8 for Embrace on a large scale cloud environment. Clients will be capable of moving financial and human resources toward innovation and business transformation.

Dinesh Rao, the executive VP of Infosys explained that in order to manage the cloud ecosystem involves creating a structured strategy that offers a consolidated view into the complete business journey. Innov8 is focused on leveraging the experience and knowledge at Infosys and accelerating business solutions. Rao believes the partnership will enable Infosys to focus on ensuring their customers can transform and adopt new business models.

David Robinson, the senior VP of SAP Cloud Business Group explained how excited they were to be partnering with Infosys and supporting clients in developing intelligent enterprises. Robinson believes that Innov8 will utilise the knowledge of Infosys and their experience with SAP and cloud systems. Robinson highlights that the platform will offer SAP digital solutions, creating end-to-end business outcomes at a much quicker rate.

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