Rise in large-scale customers is driving further expansion at Anaplan

December 10, 2019

In recent reports, Anaplan displayed an increase in earnings through a significant rise in subscriptions.

Customers are expanding their use of the Anaplan platform, and the business is securing a number of larger record deals, highlighting the success of its connected planning technique. Recent financial results reached a level beyond expectations by Wall Street and market experts believe that Anaplan is likely to experience further growth moving into next year.

Anaplan explains that in today’s world, the pace of progress continues to accelerate and as a result, we are experiencing a significant shift in the way businesses plan and make decisions. The leading companies out there clearly understand that in order to stay ahead of their competitors, they must ensure they remain connected via one singular platform that enables simplistic data analysis and the ability to make informed decisions within a challenging marketplace. 

The platform footprint has expanded and Anaplan today provides services to 324 customers with recurring revenue exceeding $250,000 each year. This figure emphasises that Analplan is supporting considerable change within businesses by focusing on connected planning. The number of processes and analytics being implemented on the Anaplan platform is continuing to rise and Anaplan remains focused on ensuring customers have the best and most innovative technology available.

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