Qlik relaunches cloud big data analytics service

October 2, 2019

Big data business QlikTech International has relaunched its cloud-based service offering with a new Qlik Sense Business platform.

Qlik is a business intelligence software specialist providing businesses the capabilities to visualize data in graphical forms and generate metrics to deliver useful insights.

The main technology includes a big-data analysis system that utilizes an open application program interface enabling access to an extensive number of software architecture, platforms, and languages. Qlik is capable of measuring data from up to 40 varied sources and generating automated results via artificial intelligence in a visual representation.

The latest offering from Qlik Sense includes an improvement to their Cloud Business product and intends to offer a more in-depth analytic experience than the previous version. One new function in the updated service includes a natural language processing feature, allowing users to query data via voice control.

Qlik explains that users can use the service to enter search criteria via natural language. The Qlike Cognitive Engine analyses the search string to understands the user’s intent and generate data and insights from this search process. Chief Technology Officer Mike Potter highlights that Qlik is creating a new generation of business intelligence systems with a cloud-focused SaaS analytics platform. Qlik Sense Business will support businesses significantly improve data processes and data-focused decision making via a system that expands their business analytical capabilities.

Qlik Sense Business is now available and the company is offering a free trial to businesses looking to test the new platform.

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