Qlik confirms the acquisition of CrunchBot, enhancing its current analytics capabilities

January 23, 2019

Leading global data analytics provider Qlik has confirmed the acquisition of CrunchBot AI-driven analytics bot as well as Crunch Data’s team of artificial intelligence and solution focused professionals.

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Qlik announced the deal explaining that the acquisition will extend their current augment intelligence and cognitive potential by creating additional conversational analytics, enhancing its existing platform and open APIs. Qlik has stated that their customers can now interact and analyse their data by using natural language via Qlik Sense and within other popular tools such as Skype, Slack, Salesforce Chat and Microsoft Teams.

Mike Capone, the Qlik CEO has explained to media that by bringing CrunchBot and Crunch Data into Qlike, customers will find it easier to include data more frequently into workflows, ensuring analytics is a vital part in the daily process of decision making.

Capone states that Qlik is continually seeking new methods to generate augmented intelligence for its customers and to enhance overall data literacy. According to Capone, acquisitions like this one will improve the potential of their customers and partners to utilise data and insights even further, increasing the overall value of the data and their business.

Capone refers to a recent report by Gartner which suggested that by 2020, nearly 50% of analytical queries will be performed via search, NLP or Voice, or will be automatically created. Customers at Qlik already can benefit from augmented intelligence and natural language search options. Acquiring CrunnchBot expands those tools further via a specific conversational and natural language platform. Qlik believes CrunchBot will work uniquely with Qlik, connecting the gap between visual discovery and conversational analytics.

CrunchBot has been validated by Qlik for quality, functionality and has been developed upon Qlik’s open API framework and the supporting platform. CrunchBot allows users to perform the following:

  • Create questions in a conversational style via the Qlik Sense UI or through other major tools such as Slack, Skype or Salesforce Chat.
  • Analyse their data and ask specific questions via voice interaction developed and integrated with other mainstream services such as Amazon Alexa.
  • Gain detailed answers and insights, as well as auto-generated charts, interpretations, calculations over specific periods and predictive analysis data.
  • Simple access to Qlik Sense analytics apps to measure your results further.
  • Utilise Natural Language Processing (NLP) which naturally learns and measure user inquiries over a space of time, as well as Natural Language Generation (NLG) which generates insights on what is currently happening, why, and what to do next.

In contrast to other specific search services, this service between Qlik and CrunchBot will provide the best of both worlds. It will allow customers to utilise the conversational experience and then shift to the visual side for a more detailed insight and understanding of the data. Customers and partners at Qlik will see an increasing uptake in analytics and data literacy due to a more efficient and simpler way to ask questions, generate insights and make informed decisions with CrunchBot.

Crunch Data will support further development of analytics and at the same time improve results for customers. The product will be integrated into Qlik’s existing platform, enhancing the ability to generate high value and managed services. The team of professionals at Crunch Data, which includes a range of AI professionals and offshore development experts, have a strong working record of delivering successful projects.

Nish Patel, the CEO of CrunchBot and co-founder of Crunch Data recently stated that Qlik is the leader in analytics and in delivering augmented intelligence and machine learning to its customers. Patel states how excited they are to be a part of their advanced services, supporting their customers and ultimately making it simpler for people to understand their data.

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