Oracle selected by Zoom as Cloud Infrastructure Provider for its Online Video Service

April 29, 2020

Oracle has announced that they have been selected by Zoom Video Communications to support their growth and further development plans. The leading video communications business continues to innovate and provides a vital service to many businesses worldwide.

Eric S. Yuan, the CEO of Zoom explains that they have experienced the most significant growth in their history, resulting in a considerable rise in a service capacity. Yuan highlights that Zoom has researched several platforms and believes Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has proven essential in enabling them to continue scaling at a rate to meet rising capacity demands of existing and new users. Yuan states that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was selected because of its reputation for rivalled security, performance and its unmatched support offering.

Zoom has experienced a surge in customers rising to 300 million daily, resulting in a significant demand for additional cloud capacity. Within hours of deployment, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of zoom meeting participants. After complete production, Zoom is now providing millions of simultaneous meetings on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle’s second-generation cloud infrastructure will enable Zoom to continue scaling and delivering unmatched and efficient service to its customers and be capable of adapting to changes in demands.

Safra Catz, the CEO of Oracle explains that video communication has quickly become a critical part of both professional and personal lives, and he believes Zoom has led innovation in the industry. Catz highlights how proud they are to be selecting and now working with Zoom as their key cloud infrastructure provider and as a customer, while they continue to expand and connect with people and businesses worldwide.

Oracle is in a great position to support the expansion of Zoom and its innovative video communications services due to its network technology, capacity and locations of data centres. Zoom is currently transferring in excess of 7 petabytes through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure servers on a daily basis. This is the equivalent of over 90 years of HD video content! Oracle’s innovative cloud infrastructure, combined with unmatched security will enable zoom to continue delivering a leading video communication experience.

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