Oracle plans to reduce staff during a challenging transition to cloud services

April 18, 2019

Oracle Corp. has confirmed it will be dismissing several hundred employees next month as the leading software developer attempts to restructure its existing cloud computing strategy.

The announcement may represent a fraction of its expansive workforce but does include a focus number of people working within the infrastructure cloud units which are intended to generate growth.

The database leader intends to cut over 350 people on May 21st in a report released with the state of California. Regional media reports that the company had recently removed a number of unspecified jobs outside of California over the last week. Oracle has faced challenges to increase its revenue during a transition towards internet-based systems and services.

Deborah Hellinger, a representative for Oracle explains that as their cloud business grows, they continually look to balance resources and restructure their development group to create the right people to deliver the most effective cloud products to customers worldwide.


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