Oracle launches post-pandemic solution for HR teams

February 10, 2021

The new return-to-workplace solutions, Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management provides a safe option and supports employees in adapting to a new working environment.

It’s still quite unclear when we will all embrace the new way of working after the pandemic. To enhance enterprises, while meeting the necessary safety standards, Oracle has launched what they refer to as a return-to-workplace solution called the Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), an enhanced version to the Employee Care Package created in 2020. The service will support HR leaders in managing new workforce demands, including Covid-19 testing and vaccine tracking measures for HR teams, as well as automated support for individuals returning to the workplace.

In a recent press release, Oracle explains that the latest updates are incorporated in a new ‘Return to the Workplace Journey’ created to keep employees safe by supporting them with new processes, training and safety measures, while allowing HR leaders to measure critical workforce data, such as testing and vaccination information.

In the last week an international study discovered that despite the need for precautionary measures, nearly 50% of businesses lack a plan to introduce digital contact tracing. While employees continue to work remotely awaiting plans to return to the office, the requirements for creating on-premise locations is the sole responsibility of the employer, and more specifically the HR department.

The pandemic has forced many businesses to prioritise the health and safety of their workforce, and this has placed HR leaders at the core, responsible for adapting their teams and addressing these new challenges.

Chris Leone, the senior VP of development at Oracle Cloud HCM explains that Oracle’s new HCM promises to create what they refer to as “the human experience” at work, enhancing business agility and support new and innovative solutions. The new applications intended to provide the necessary means to promote workplace safety and support the return to the office.

The workplace journey in the HCM includes a review of new safety measures, regular wellness checks, mask and safety training, booking Covid-19 test and updating immunisation status via proof of vaccinations or self-reporting surveys.

Employees may have the capability to share vaccination status via new digital passports or electronic credentials. Oracle is working with technology and health businesses to ensure people will have access to these details when needed. Mr Leone believes that as the future of work continues to transform, it is essential that businesses are capable of making real-time informed decisions that protect their workforce.

The return to the workplace journey is the newest element to be added to the Oracle Employee Care Package, which consists of Oracle workforce health and safety, Oracle digital assistance and Oracle learning. There are also additional services available for Safe Travels Journey, Your Well Being Companion Journey, Onboarding Journey and a variety of other.

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