Oracle launches a new solution to accelerate digital sales

November 19, 2019

Digital professionals today are becoming more innovative and technologically capable than ever before. Digital teams are moving away from traditional sales techniques and instead are expecting new, personalised and more engaging presentations. On a similar level, sales professionals are taking advantage of all modern channels and understand the new types of engagement that today’s buyers expect.
Whilst it may sound like both sides are working together, many sales professionals lack the right tools to measure, engage, qualify and convert leads and many presentations and pitches fail to meet the expected quality of engagement. To combat this area, Oracle is creating a new digital sales solution catering for high-volume sellers, business development and account managers, providing an efficient and rapid service.

The system includes:

-High Speed – A new UI support sales professionals with qualifying opportunities quicker and move on from other ‘weak’ opportunities.
-Efficient Service – An automated, efficient service with shortcuts and support from a digital assistant decreasing the time spent on data entry and other time-consuming tasks.
-Prescriptive Technology – The new solution offers constant reminders, real-time support and artificial intelligence (AI) recommendations that enable sales representatives too important to not act upon.

Oracle Digital Sales combines an intuitive and guided selling service with AI, data, automation and integrated voice and sales services that are primarily created to support how digital sales professionals work. Oracle believes the new systems will help sales reps focus more of their efforts on leads and potential deals and reducing time spent on data entry and updating CRM systems. For example, a sales professional using a conventional CRM system would be required to make in excess of 15 data entries and clicks to find a lead or make a call.

With Oracle Digital Sales solution, all of these activities have been integrated into a singular system that only requires several data entries and clicks. Sales professionals can ask Oracle to search key information such as when new leads have been assigned, but also add particular products or updates to a lead or opportunity without having to search for the transaction. The home screen is continuously updated with notifications that require attention or links to access specific records. With a consolidated interface, sales reps can be ready to develop relevant and informed conversations each time they engage. AI is implemented within the system to offer additional support on which leads to focus on and details in terms of prioritising tasks.

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