Oracle launches Cloud Native Modern Monetization

November 13, 2019

The introduction of Cloud Native enables industry leaders the flexibility to incorporate 5G, IoT and deliver innovative digital business systems. Digital companies today are radically transforming their monetization systems in order to manage rising demands for 5G and other new digital services.

The new cloud-native system from Oracle Communications for Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) Cloud-native deployment option gives market leaders the agility to embrace 5G, IoT and future digital business models, enabling businesses to meet requirements by integrating the features of an established charging network with the performance and agility of cloud systems.
The Cloud Native option offers a new monetization solution to utilise the opportunities available in digital services. The option supports any industry, providing a platform for 5G networking.

Industry analysts have highlighted that the latest version of Oracle’s Billing and Revenue Management solution is well placed to enhance the business’s ability to support new 5G focused cases. Cloud-native offers internal IT teams to integrate DevOps procedures to enable and launch new services efficiently. Businesses can improve their operations by effectively managing business development with improved scaling and simpler updates. Billing and Revenue Management improves technology agility even further when implementing Oracle’s next-gen Cloud infrastructure, offering autonomous services, adaptive intelligence, and machine learning security options.

Jason Rutherford, the senior VP and general manager at Oracle Communications believes service providers and businesses are actively looking for agile solutions to take advantage of 5G and IoT services. Rutherford highlights that Cloud Native BRM launched on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enables customers to operate efficiently, respond to competitors and introduce new pricing and business models that take advantage of digital innovation.

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