Oracle confirms a new vision and experience for augmented analytics

July 2, 2019

In the last week, Oracle released a new customer-focused vision for Oracle Analytics at their latest Analytics Summit. Oracle’s leading data platform, Oracle Analytics is perfectly placed to combine data, analytics and applications and support the requirements of business users, analysts and technology users. Oracle analytics provides customers with leading AI-powered analytic capabilities for preparing data, data visualisation, reporting, augmented analysis and natural language processing.

T.K. Anand, the Senior Vice President of AI, Data Analytics and Cloud at Oracle explained to media that they are dedicated to supporting customers in ensuring they get the highest value from their data and to provide the best analytics experience. At their latest event, Anand highlighted that Oracle was announcing a new vision, a new experience and a higher level of commitment to customer success.

Richard Solar, the MD of Deloitte Consulting explains that clients today are looking for the best analytical solutions available that are created with the enterprise in mind. Business leaders have access to more data than ever and really require platforms that can convert all of this data into insightful information. Deloitte is dedicated to delivering value for businesses, driven by the Oracle Analytics Cloud system. Combining bother systems, Deloitte combines data and information and support leaders with making important decisions using the latest analytics platforms.

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Developed initially for the cloud, Oracle Analytics Cloud is the central part of Oracle Analytics. The system provides businesses with self-service analytics to prepare data, create visualisations, augmented analysis and natural language processing. Oracle Analytics users worldwide can generate quicker insights and improve overall business results.

Oracle Analytics has been essential for many businesses. For Western Digital, Bill Roy, the senior director believes that the cloud is allowing their internal customers to generate their own content and become self-serving. In today’s business environment, disruption is continuous, resulting in a number of new challenges for businesses. To be successful, business leaders must utilise their data to discover real-valued insights and deliver better, informed decisions.

By leveraging Oracle Analytics, businesses are supporting their client in delivering results by enabling them to innovate, automate and enhance business operations through clear insights that generate real business results.

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