Oracle Cloud Services are pushing innovation for businesses

June 4, 2019

With a complete autonomous cloud database and other cloud services, Oracle is intending to support customers with new activities, improving operations and at the same time reducing costs and risk to a business.

Benefits of Anaplan and Adaptive Insights

Oracle cloud senior vice president Steve Daheb recently stated that Oracle is starting to see things at a tipping point stage, a point after which unstoppable changes will happen. Daheb believes businesses are integrating with new emerging technologies at the fastest rate we have ever experienced.

Daheb explains that these new technologies, whether it be AI or blockchain are enabling us to continue innovating in methods that were previously not even considered. This ultimately is the main strategy of the Oracle cloud and its future development plans.

Oracle Autonomous Databases

Oracle offers a mix of leading cloud services, high potential extensions and further long term plan to develop innovative ways to compete with the big players, Amazon and Microsoft. One particular service is the Oracle Autonomous Database which launches, manages and upgrades itself with no human activity required, covering tasks that are generally done by skill data professionals.

Daheb believes that businesses are actively looking for new technologies to support business development, how they can innovate and create varied experiences for employees and customers. Daheb refers to their customer Hertz and how their process of creating a provision for a database would generally take them up to ten weeks to complete. The Autonomous Database, however, allows Hertz to complete the same process in under ten minutes, freeing up significant time and resources.

Daheb also refers to another client call QMP that specialises in laboratory management and we’re looking to improve the response in getting lab results more efficiently. With the Autonomous Database, an average two-week wait for blood results now takes under 40 minutes. This time reduction creates multiple benefits to prescribing quicker, reacting to problems faster and most importantly improving the service for patients.

According to Oracle, Autonomous Databases are saving nearly 80% of the time a business would spend on provisioning a database. The time saved from using this service is then applied to more meaningful and insightful actions and fine-tuning certain parts of the business. Innovation is sparking significant changes in the business in terms of speed and response and providing quicker access to insights.

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