Oracle Cloud announces new data science and machine learning services

March 5, 2020

Oracle recently confirmed the launch of its Cloud Data Science Platform, a new service based on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with the capability to enable data scientists to manage the development, deployment and operations of machine learning processes.

The foundations of the new cloud data platform originate from the previous acquisition of, an acquisition made by Oracle in 2018 offering centralised access to data science tools, projects and infrastructure within the workplace. The new solution emphasises Oracle’s effort on implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into its cloud systems.

The focus of the cloud data science platform is based around the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science service, offering data scientists the skills to develop, train and manage machine learning algorithms on the Oracle Cloud. The new systems will also provide the potential to share projects, manage model catalogs and security policies. 

Greg Pavlik, the senior VP of product development at Oracle Data and AI services explains that the new system will improve the productivity of data scientists by automating workflows and adding further support for collaboration, allowing data science to deliver more value for businesses.

Holger Mueller, principal analyst and VP at Constellation Research stated that Data Scientists are critical in support the rise of innovation systems that incorporate the benefits of AI and ML. Mueller explains that all cloud infrastructure vendors are looking to simplify the process for data scientists to develop AI and ML-focused applications

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