Agreement between Oracle and UK Government to drive efficiency and productivity for the public sector

June 9, 2021

Oracle has expanded its relationship with the UK Government by enhancing the Government Centre of Excellence and enabling better access to Oracle Cloud. Oracle has updated its links with the Government by updating the existing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and Oracle, as well as focusing on building a stronger working relationship between Oracle and the UK public sector. 

The Oracle Centre of Excellence will provide further support and technical capabilities enabling the UK Government to make more use of Oracle Cloud. The updated MOU will ensure governments and the public service sector will have continued use of Oracle Cloud. Critical services will have complete access to the full range of cloud applications, infrastructure services and autonomous technologies. 

Oracle Cloud will support customers like the UK Government in delivering higher efficiency, automation and productivity, all important factors in supporting a successful economic recovery. The services will provide public sector organisations with further support in shifting workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or expanding the use of the Oracle Cloud Applications Suite. 

Philip Orumwense, commercial director and chief technology officer of Crown Commercial Service explains that the enhanced MOU will continue to create savings and further benefits for public sector customers using Oracle’s cloud-based technologies. Orumwense highlights that the services will create more value while supporting public sector customers’ journey to the cloud. 

Gareth Rhys Williams, the Chief Commercial Officer explains that the UK is committed to the Build Back Better growth plan, a part of which involves ensuring we make the most effective use of modern cloud technologies. Extending the relationship with Oracle will enable the UK to continue generating commercial value, enhance services delivery and support the wider agenda of the Government. 

Richard Petley, MD and Senior Vice President of Technology and Cloud at Oracle explain that the announcement confirms the commitment and long-standing relationships between their business and the UK Government. Petley highlights that the collaboration enables the potential of the cloud to support the UK is leading the way in adopting digital technologies. 

Oracle provides the only multi-region cloud for use by public sector customers in the UK and can be used by multiple groups such as the Home Office, the NHS and the Ministry of Defence. The revised MOU builds on these relationships and will enable public sector group to use cloud technologies to deliver the most effective public services and greater value to the customer.

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