New Oracle Journeys solution to enhance employee experience

April 14, 2021

The latest developments in Oracle Cloud HCM will allow HR teams to deliver personalised, AI-driven processes to support their employees.

Oracle has revealed a new platform that will provide a more streamlined employee experience in the Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM).

Oracle Journeys support businesses by delivering a one-stop platform for employees as they continue to focus on various aspects of work and tasks. The new services allow HR teams to develop and deliver detailed steps to guide employees through several events such as onboarding, returning to the workplace, launching a new service or developing their career.

Chris Leone, the senior VP of development at Oracle Cloud HCM explains that as our homes have become our offices over the past year, we have become more used to how technology can improve our lives as consumers and employees are looking for that same experience at work.

As offices begin to reopen, it will be important to enable consistent and positive experiences for the office and remote workers. Organisations will need to provide support throughout an employees entire career. Leone explains that Oracle Journeys will help HR provide value that expands beyond conventional HR processes by offering unique experiences for their employees.

Oracle journeys will guide employees through activities and particular milestone and offer access to resources needed across the entire business. It will make it simpler for employees to take action as they navigate through different events. The new features in Oracle Journeys allow HR leaders to go beyond the standard HR workflows and create personalised, step-by-step support for any task. By offering quick access to AI-powered services tailored to each individual, the solutions support employees in saving time and improving overall productivity.

Global HR analyst Josh Bersin highlights that employee experience is an essential, multi-disciplinary challenge and the needs of employees differ greatly. Businesses need simple, customised services to create, measure and integrate employees digital lives. 

Businesses that make a concerted effort to improve tasks with positive experiences for their team will yield the benefits of higher levels of satisfaction, engagement and productivity.

Customers can manage their path in the HCM systems. This allows businesses to better manage and grow their workforce in difficult times, but also allows HR to become an innovative part of the entire organisation. The demands and expectations of employees have changed considerably. Right now, our workforce requires bespoke support and motivation. Oracle Cloud HCM offers an individual HR platform that enables better management and the ability to meet changing expectations. Utilising this solution we ensure businesses are ready to deliver a positive employee experience, no matter what changes we may see in the workforce in the future.


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