New degree to prepare the future finance and data science leaders

March 17, 2022

Imperial College London has announced the UK’s first degree to enable students to study a combination of economics, finance and data science. The new undergraduate BSc in Economics, Finance and Data Science plans to launch in October 2023.

The first of its kind degree offers an innovative approach towards leadership and prepares the new wave of economists, policy professionals and business leaders. The new qualification takes a different approach towards the study of economics and finance by integrating the importance of data science. The course has been designed by several leading academics from each core discipline, with support from public policy and industry leaders.

Utilising global-leading expertise in science, tech and business at Imperial, the new degree focuses on the rising demand for new professionals with academic experience in economics and finance, with the analytical knowledge supported with data science and coding skills. Professor Emma McCoy of the Imperial College believes education represents one of the most critical elements of global economic recovery from the pandemic and preparing for global disruption.

Students will gain the necessary skills to pursue many roles in industries including technology, finance, consulting and the public sector. Imperial College emphasises that the programme includes societal impact, diversity and sustainability within its core elements.

Dr Pedro Rosa Dias, the Academic Director of the programme, explains that we now live in an era of big data and has transformed the workplace and the way we recognise the challenges facing our world. The programme design and feedback from employers were relatively clear. We need the next generation of economic and finance graduates to have the ability to use data science to navigate businesses, public groups and international organisations within the digital economy of today.

Professor Emma McCoy of Imperial College London believes education is the most powerful force of our economic recovery from the pandemic and to manage further disruption. McCoy highlights that the students will become the thought leaders of the future.

The launch of this degree represents Imperial College’s support towards the next generation, influencing the discussions that will shape our future society. Successful individuals should expect to complete the course with a diverse skillset, a broad understanding of tackling global challenges and a flexible approach towards applying data in important decisions.

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