Mindstream Analytics gains platinum partner level status from OneStream

March 13, 2019

OneStream Software confirmed this week that Mindstream Analytics had become a Platinum level implementation partner, highlighting their dedication to combining with OneStream and their strategy.

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OneStream Software offers an innovative CPM solution that integrates and simplifies financial processes, planning, reporting, analytics and the quality of financial data. The software can be utilised in the cloud or on-premise. The SmartCPM platform is the first of its kind to offer a solution for corporate standards and controls. The system enables businesses to report and plan at several levels within a single application without affecting corporate standards.

Alex Ladd, CEO of Mindstream Analytics explains that their business has made a considerable investment into training and their consultants are developing a process that combines the focus of OneStream’s innovative platform. Ladd highlights that it is great to see their efforts confirmed by being rewarded with the highly recognised reward of becoming a OneStream Platinum partner.

Mindstream Analytics consists of an award-winning team of consultants with years of experience in performance management implementations within planning, financial report forecasting, budgeting and analytics. Combining their technology skills, strong business experience and a carefully created methodology, MindStream has delivered maximum ROI for their clients from OneStream investments.


Craig Colby, the chief revenue officer of OneStream Software recently claimed how excited they were to confirm MindStream Analytics as a Platinum partner. Colby explains that this level is awarded specifically to partners who meet the highest standard and quality levels and have a record of providing the greatest solutions and value for customers. According to Colby, MindStream’s platinum status is a result of their skills, knowledge and experience of using OneStream SmartCPM solution to enhance financial decisions and improve insights for clients.


OneStream Software

OneStream Software offers a performance management solution that combines and simplifies planning, reporting, financial consolidation, analytics and the quality of financial data. With the option of being utilised on site or in the cloud, OneStream XF is one of the only solutions offering corporate standards and controls, enabling businesses to plan and report at multiple levels within a single application. The OneStream XF MarketPlace offers downloads that enable customers to enhance their CPM platform and meet the requirements within finance and operations industries.


Mindstream Analytics

Mindstream Analytics is a managed services consultancy that supports clients with improving their business performance and decision making. With years of experience in analytics and performance management, MindStream provides a range of services from financial planning and reporting to selecting the best software and implementing new services. Their AppCare Managed Services Support has maintained its place as the number one EPM solution for 4 years in the MSPmentor highest ranking of global service providers.

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