Integrating AI with the rise of SaaS tools

December 18, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is progressing at a rapid rate and advancing systems are becoming more efficient at adapting to new scenarios and performing in ways that are similar to the human brain. With further technological advancements, there is great potential for AI to transform large businesses in the coming years. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools have had a significant impact on how businesses operate and perform today. Artificial Intelligence will potentially reshape the next wave of this software, enabling companies to not just collaborate on innovative software, but also to gain a deeper insight and share further information and knowledge.

This generational transition means digitally-focused individuals are becoming more dominant in the workplace. For these employees, support from AI will become a regular part of workplace activities, providing additional support and enabling people to learn new skills. The businesses that implement intelligent use of AI will likely have a greater chance of attracting and retaining employees for longer. Industry experts believe AI strategies will be an essential part of business competitiveness.

The concerns surrounding the rise of Artificial Intelligence

The common concerns related to how AI could eliminate jobs across multiple sectors, to issues about the potential threat of creating an uber-intelligent system and its impact on our planet. For every investor in artificial intelligence, it is critical to ensure we remain focused on using AI as a technology to support humans and not to replace them.

AI has the potential to empower people, to increase the sharing of skills and knowledge. Revealing the insights with AI from thousands of human brains could dramatically enhance intelligence levels. For business leaders, it is clear that AI has a positive impact on productivity and efficiency, increased workplace happiness and improved workforce retention.

The potential challenge for the future is ensuring businesses utilise AI in a positive manner. Aside from supporting human knowledge and skills, AI could be implemented to measure employee performance and identify employees underperforming. If businesses implement AI in this manner may eradicate trust within a business. When considering how AI can be used, businesses should carefully consider the impact new technology will have on trust and reputation.

The rise of data and innovative workplace software systems mean businesses have significantly higher access to information than ever before, however, a large proportion of data and information remains stored in our minds. Businesses and innovative solutions that are capable of revealing this information are likely to rise efficiency levels significantly. Moving forward, businesses will need products and services that let employees discover and share skills and knowledge and Artificial intelligence will be vital to unleashing business productivity for the future.

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