Honeywell confirms the launch of Enterprise Performance Management Solution

June 12, 2019

Honeywell has recently confirmed the release of new software – Enterprise Performance Management for Operations Technology. Created as an effective and affordable solution to integrate, EPM will allow businesses from multiple industries to enhance the process of gathering and measuring data from their operational activity and act on the findings.

Named Honeywell Forge, the new software will combine with the business’s leading asset and process control system to support owners and operators of industrial and building facilities and airlines to improve overall operational efficiency.

Honeywell Forge will be capable of using large volumes of data from various equipment, processes and people and converting this information into valuable insights that can ultimately improve the overall operational monitoring system. Honeywell believes the system will enhance resource management and the general safety of businesses.

By utilising predictive analytics, Honeywell Forge will allow clients to detect maintenance faults, reduce business costs and enhance worker efficiency levels. Honeywell is also researching additional areas such as implementing the latest cybersecurity protection into the new software.

Honeywell confirmed the recent release and availability of Honeywell Forge for Buildings. The Forge solution was created to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum and to generate advanced predictive information to ensure building facilities are more efficient, safer and secure. Furthermore, Honeywell Forge will support a reduction in operational expenses, improve overall energy consumption levels and optimise space management within building plans.

Honeywell intends to expand the software solution and add further products across a range of markets including Honeywell Forge for Industrials, Airlines, Inspection Round and Cybersecurity. Honeywell believes that strong demand for its warehouse automation, IoT and Sensing products will strengthen its safety and productivity product solutions.


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