Google Cloud and Anaplan partner to transform enterprise planning

October 14, 2020

The launch of a recent partnership between Google Cloud and Anaplan will enable an expanded availability of high performance, global, scalable infrastructure.

Google Cloud and Anaplan confirmed the joint partnership to enable Anaplan’s platform for enterprise planning combined with business performance on Google Cloud. Representing the first public cloud offering for Anaplan, the partnership will deliver additional intelligence, variations and scalability for customers looking to solve complicated business problems and combine business and operational strategies with their financial outcomes. Being an Anaplan customer since 2016, Google has deployed the platform on Google Cloud in a number of scenarios in sales, supply chain and finance.

Transforming enterprise planning in the cloud

Through the new agreement, global businesses can utilise the leading expertise of Anaplan’s in-memory, Hyperblock calculation engine system operating on Google Cloud’s worldwide, high-performance secure infrastructure. Furthermore, the partnership will allow Anaplan to enhance its global reach, enabling customers to benefit from using Anaplan at closer proximities to their operations and with a wider choice of options to comply with regional and industry-related data requirements. 

In order to enhance decision making and planning, Google Cloud and Anaplan, combined with other service partners, offer an extended platform for data storage and analytics, utilising BigQuery and Google Cloud’s AI/ML capabilities. The combination of these features will allow businesses to combine ‘first-party’ data from Anaplan with third-party data sources, delivering intelligent, real-time modelling of large volumes of important data and generating valuable insights for business.

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud explains that they are committed to supporting businesses in enhancing and accelerating critical operational procedures. Kurian states that the partnership with Anaplan delivers highly effective infrastructure and intelligent innovation to enterprise planning, supporting organisations in making better business decisions.

Frank Calderoni, Chairman and CEO of Anaplan states that his business is dedicated to helping business leaders implement the right actions, while at the same time building for the future. Calderoni explains this is why they took the decision to extend Anaplan to run on Google Cloud and accelerate their customers’ digital transformation journey to the cloud.

Global integrator partners include Deloitte, Slalom, Wipro and others manage a number of the world’s biggest enterprise-scale deployments at Anaplan. The partners involved will support customers on migrating to Anaplan running on Google Cloud and will deliver innovative solutions to leverage Anaplan, BigQuery and the AI & ML services available with Google Cloud.

Tom Galizia, the Principal of Deloitte Consulting explains that they have the first-hand experience of the client value that Anaplan and Google Cloud can deliver by combining real-time analytics and enterprise and planning and operations management. Galizia states that with Anaplan on Google Cloud, there is a great opportunity to bring a flexible and functional number of solutions capable of delivering intelligence and agility that is required for customers to make informed decisions.

Google uses the Anaplan platform to develop business performance on a larger scale across various business units. Google has introduced Anaplan across a range of business scenarios including financial planning, supply, sales and operational planning. Under the new partnership, Anaplan has migrated nearly all of Google’s Anaplan use cases to operate on Google Cloud. The work with Google clearly shows the number of benefits that businesses can expect from Anaplan moving onto Google Cloud, including wider global reach and additional real-time insights into data from Anaplan and other third-party sources.

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