Exploring Oracle’s approach to the cloud

March 12, 2020

In terms of other major players, Oracle may be a little late to join the cloud infrastructure market, however, Oracle believes they can offer a superior service to its competitors, particularly in certain regions.

Many businesses are considering what strategies to take in terms of cloud implementation. Many that have begun to integrate cloud services typically intend to replace on-premise systems to the cloud to yield the economic benefits, the efficiency and flexibility of the cloud. Other businesses are taking a more cautious approach, avoiding moving everything to one particular cloud without having a clear strategy in place.

As a result, many businesses are continuing to rely on their on-premise systems to maintain performance and data stability. A challenge for many in the transition to cloud relates to security. Being a latecomer, Oracle is in a strong position to offer a cloud service built specifically with security in mind. Oracle highlight that other suppliers have experienced recent breaches and believe many will face security challenges in the future.

The difference in the cloud approach at Oracle

Oracle decided to segment cloud implementation into two separate sections, one for customer data and all the code corresponding to that data in a separate physically isolated network. This approach improves oracle cloud performance. The second feature Oracle implemented was the launch of the autonomous database system, strengthening the security of their service.

Oracle highlights that this system is being offered as a converged data management platform, incorporating a range of data options in one single offering that operates on a physically separated oracle cloud infrastructure. For businesses developing new applications, this service offers data in an autonomous database that is backed up, secured and managed.

Oracle is also offering deployment choice, enabling businesses to select any on-premise workload or service and to operate this on the public cloud, allowing security and other management systems to be maintained.

Oracle believes the demand for cloud services is remarkably high and many are exploring the right path to make the transition. Oracle is showing customers what is possible with the autonomous database in the cloud and how machine learning algorithms can be integrated into databases. Oracle believes it is more than a movement from on-premises to the cloud. Customers are being shown the added benefits of having their data on the cloud such as the benefits related to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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