Exploring core business strategies at Oracle

November 26, 2019

Valued at over $26 billion and ranked as one of the most valuable global brands, Oracle has established itself as one of the largest businesses in the world. Oracle is dedicated to ensuring people view and use data in different ways, discover insights and create new opportunities. The business creates, manufacturers and sell innovative hardware and software products to multiple sectors. Acquisitions have played a major part in developing the Oracle brand and delivering new technological solutions.

Business Progressions with Acquisitions

During 2018 Oracle completed a number of acquisitions, ensuring the business remained at the forefront of technological progression in the industry. Earlier this year, Oracle acquired Zenedge to integrated a market-leading cloud application and network security services, providing an added protective service for its users. In April, Oracle acquired SparklineData to combine its PaaS services to support customers moving to big data solutions. Oracle also signed a deal to take over DataScience.com, supporting the management of data science tools, projects and infrastructure in the workspace. 

Most recently Oracle acquired DataFox and goBalto in October, in a move which Oracle believes will enhance their cloud applications, enabling customers to generate better decisions and business outcomes. 

Improving Services with stronger partnerships

During 2018, Oracle created a strong partnership with FireEye, creating the first Oracle cloud solution for FireEye. The collaboration supports customers in moving to the cloud environment, offering a flexible, cost-effective, secure and simplistic offering. At the beginning of 2019, the US-based technology company confirmed another partnership with the VANTA network, focusing on expanding its reach to both consumers and enterprise customers. 

A strategy for introducing new technology

Oracle is continuously looking to introduce the latest technology with a goal of enhancing business operations. Oracle is exploring methods to support the migration of infrastructure to the latest cloud platform services. This will involve all corporate applications being hosted on the oracle next-gen cloud. A move like this will reduce overall infrastructure costs and reduce both space and power consumption worldwide. Cloud migration, or data centre consolidation is moving ahead and will support the reduced requirement for physical data centres and the increased demand for flexible infrastructure services.

Introducing emerging and disruptive technologies

To ensure businesses are equipped with the tools to utilise innovation, Oracle has confirmed a continued focus on emerging technologies in Oracle Cloud, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, blockchain, IoT and other human systems. Oracle is dedicated to ensuring emerging technologies are available and readily accessible across its cloud services. To support its customers and ensure they can utilise new technologies, Oracle has implemented a number of innovative technologies into its services and generate new products into its platform to allow customers to take advantage of each service.

Oracle has integrated machine learning and AI into its cloud services. The Oracle CX application includes embedded AI tools that improve better predictions for selected services, automating answers and providing a more personal service. Oracle also integrated machine learning into its security services to support the detection of potential security threats. 

Research and Development Focus

Oracle continues to make a significant investment in research and development to ensure the business delivers innovative solutions. Net investment for 2019 is believed to be just over $6 billion USD. The company in-house R&D facilities are constantly exploring a range of new products that are applied to global business operations. The technology combined with other applications creates a competitive advantage for its product offerings.

Supporting Industry Transformation

The market is experiencing significant transformation, supported by a considerable rise in new technology services. Oracle is investing heavily in new technology, delivering insights and solutions for digital customers. Oracle’s dedication to innovation is a driving force that ensures it remains an industry leader. Their continued investment plans in research and development and focuses on providing the highest quality service has enabled Oracle to support customers in meeting their goals. Their new products and services are supporting industry transformation, utilising the potential of disruptive services and successfully meet rising regulatory demands.

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