Enterprise performance management: critical to business performance

March 12, 2020

It’s inevitable that technology will transform how businesses operate. The key challenge for many is ensuring the changes generated by technology enhance business performance. When a company explores its IT systems, many will likely see a segmented number of products and possibly look at consolidating their services into a singular and innovative product.

A singular system, whether it be for finance or another sector is highly effective in terms of planning, management and sharing information between other parts of a business. Yet, the transition to another system can be challenging and without the necessary information and support, some businesses find the idea of shifting systems very overwhelming.

In terms of finance, businesses clearly understand that this period of transformation will require simplicity, flexibility and better planning systems. In contrast to many traditional planning systems, the cloud can meet many of these requirements and has proven to be very effective for many companies.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) services can be an overwhelming prospect for new companies looking to overhaul their planning, reporting and analytics systems. Preparing for movements in the software is inevitable for businesses but ensuring you are prepared and ready to find a replacement is important.

Replacements to new technology must be capable of meeting the existing and future requirements of a business. This is why focusing on EPM makes sense as it enables businesses to determine the most suitable software solutions available in the marketplace. Committing to a transition from dated technology will solidify a business for the future. 

EPM solutions provider Jedox has developed a system to support professionals with what steps to consider when preparing to make the transition between EPM platforms. Moving away from outdated legacy technology future-proofs the enterprise.

Jedox, a leader in enterprise performance management solutions, has created a roadmap to assist leaders with key considerations and practical steps to deliver transformative outcomes while refreshing enterprise performance management platforms. The Jedox service supports businesses with planning, monitoring and assessing future operational systems.

This roadmap helps businesses with planning, monitoring and future operating models.

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