Comparing the values of Anaplan against Adaptive Insights Software

February 20, 2019

The software market has continued to evolve over recent years, offering a range of systems to support businesses worldwide.

Of the many brands competing, the focus seems to be placed on Anaplan and Adaptive Insights. Both companies provide a unique service, with Adaptive Insights existing for nearly 15 years whilst Anaplan has only just recently emerged. Codex Recruitment explores the benefits and values of each system for businesses.

Benefits of Anaplan and Adaptive Insights

Measuring Cost

Adaptive Insights software is available to around 100 countries worldwide, providing a simplistic and accessible option for low to mid-level businesses seeking a user-friendly tool. In contrast, Anaplan is more of a high-end product that is limited to a select number of clients due to its high initial market cost.

Compatibility with Excel

There will always be a requirement to control your business processes and data via Microsoft Excel. Adaptive Insights is the system that enables customers to drag and drop information into custom templates far easier than other tools. The dashboard enables employees to utilise a tool known as integrated process tracker which provides useful details to ensure individuals are guided through the entire integration process. Anaplan, on the other hand, is not as flexible to sync with Excel data.

Compatibility with small companies

There is a range of benefits to both Anaplan and Adaptive Insights but in terms of suitability for smaller companies, Adaptive Insights is proven to be more popular. It offers a more friendly option that is flexible and suitable for the requirements of smaller businesses.

Business Intelligence Tools

There are many software packages available today that can provide business intelligence solutions, enabling managers and analysts to continue focusing on their day-to-day duties whilst the system delivers on specific targets. Industry experts believe Adaptive Insights provides a more superior level of real time data analysis and individual dashboards that display results specific to each individual user.

Ultimately, both Anaplan and Adaptive Insights provide a range of valuable benefits to its customers looking for the most suited software package for their business. An analysis suggests, however, that Adaptive Insights may meet more requirements of a standard business.


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