AppZen introduces innovative analytics service, providing an AI-driven on-demand finance solution

September 24, 2020

The global leader in AI solutions for finance AppZen is launching Mastermind Analytics. The new service is an innovative analytics AI service that identifies spend risks and generates a set of recommended measures. The platform provides finance teams with the necessary information regarding trends and a clear assessment of success or areas that require additional work.

AppZen has experienced a surge in demand as CFOs manage a number of digitally-focused transformation plans with their finance teams. The AI service provided by AppZen will streamline processes for finance professionals and at the same time, reduce the costs for businesses looking to enhance their automation tools. 

Mastermind Analytics provides finance teams with relevant insights into investment, risk and overall performance, allowing employees to really focus on the most important elements. The new service reduces time-consuming processes and offers metrics on how to enhance particular processes and overall efficiency. The Mastermind Analytics features include:

-Complete visibility of behaviour trends

-AI-focused insights, combined with accurate spend data information based on reliable documents

РA complete view of a company’s finance

-Multiple charts including details on cross-system spend, risk and overall performance

-Benchmarking analysis against other competitors

-Dashboard service options for specific cases, metrics and other teams

Anant Kale, the CEO and founder of AppZen announced the new service and is excited about the analytics potential available within the AI software of products.  Kales explains that finance teams have access to information that was previously unattainable, enabling clarity into activities that could determine and prevent potential challenges for a business.

Mastermind Analytics involves minimal integration or configuration and allows for simple changes to an existing dashboard. Users can develop their own individual dashboards and charts with little or no IT support.

AppZen designed Mastermind Analytics in order to provide finance professionals with the confidence in how their performance compares to other businesses by displaying what needs to be their focus, and what really needs improving. The insights, charts and other metrics provide a clear and simplistic representation for finance professionals.

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