Apple and SAP strengthen partnership with a focus on AR and Machine Learning

May 8, 2019

Apple and leading software business SAP are accelerating their partnership after plans to increase focus on the use of iPhone, iPad and Mac within an enterprise. The recent report by Reuters explains that both companies are partnering to support businesses in the development of applications using machine learning technology at Apple.

The report suggests the partnership will focus on enhancing augmented reality activity within businesses. For example, SAP and Apple will focus on augmented reality for things like machinery repairs. Furthermore, the new applications developed within the partnership will be compatible with iPhones, iPads and the Mac. Tim Cook recently attended the annual SAP Sapphire user conference to highlight the planned partnership expansions with SAP. Cook explained that security and privacy are key elements of this new partnership. Cook emphasises that enterprise mobile devices are vital pieces of technology that must be protected. Cook went on to explain at the event of the continued freedom that technology can create for workers wanting to do their jobs whilst on the move, something that both companies are working on.

Apple and SAP first partnered back in 2016 with the objective of expanding the use of iPhones and Macs within the enterprise industry. The latest announcement highlights a stronger partnership with more focus on machine learning, augmented reality and privacy.

Earlier this month SAP introduced a range of new services that will influence how consumers and enterprises interact with one another. After recently completing its acquisition of Qualtrics, SAP has launched a number of new offerings that integrated experience data (X-data) with operational data (O-data) to measure and enhance the experience for customers, employees and improve the product and brand. Industry experts believe this product launch highlights a new level in enterprise software. The new system launch will enable companies to listen to the beliefs and intentions of customers, employees, suppliers, partners and other interested parties.  SAP CEO Bill McDermott highlights that experience management is a top priority for leading businesses worldwide. McDermott emphasises that SAP is really focused on supporting customers as a key factor in encouraging growth, innovation and confidence.

For customer experience, SAP has launched three Experience Management solutions that can transform HR platforms into enterprise systems. The new solutions collect experience data from employees within the employee lifecycle and empower leaders and managers within HR to gain a true understanding and use these insights that will deliver a leading workforce.

At the Sapphire Now event, SAP and Apple announced that the CORE ML on-device machine learning technology will be available as part of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. Within the partnership with Apple, SAP has redeveloped some of its most popular mobile apps for SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur solutions to operate on iOS. The applications are completely integrated with iPhone and iPad, enhancing levels of security and performance. SAP also confirmed it will expand its application offerings to the Mac, with the launch of new apps that offer the power and simplicity similar to SAP iOS apps. The new Mac applications will introduce the detail and richness of the SAP iOS experience to the desktop.

Bill McDermott, the CEO of SAP explains that Apple is on the rise in an enterprise. McDermott states that their customers really like the security and simplicity of iOS and it provides a superior platform to develop innovative business applications. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple highlights that enterprise customers are experiencing real business benefits when using iOS. Cook highlights they are excited for SAP to extend their experience more soon iPhone and iPad, and bringing services to the Mac for the first time. Cook highlights that the partnership is an important milestone for Apple and are excited to be working with SAP to empower users with the leading business process data available in iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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