Anaplan Releases Intelligent Forecasting Solution

November 19, 2019

Anaplan has confirmed the release of Intelligent Forecasting, an integrated artificial intelligence focused sales solution created in collaboration with Salesforce. Intelligent Forecasting will enable sales managers to combine opportunity data from Salesforce Sales Cloud and data from Anaplan forecasting models, utilising analytical services from Salesforce to offer AI-supported variables to measure win rates.

Chris Badger, the director of technology partnerships at Anaplan explains that sales leaders can measure opportunities within their entire business, creating predictions to ensure you stay close to the most likely deals and share accurate sales forecasts with other members. Badger highlights that for decision-makers the solution can ensure less time is spent on aggregating and compiling data and instead spend more time developing and executing important plans.

Badger highlights the solution will enable sales professionals to leverage data systems to make more informed decisions at a quicker rate. Whilst primarily targeted for sales forecasted, Intelligent Forecasting isn’t limited to sales. The system can be used across a number of divisions including marketing, finance, supply chain and many more.


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