Anaplan launches new user experience and mobile application service

October 15, 2019

Anaplan, a global leader in connected planning recently released an enhanced platform user experience along with a new mobile application at the recent Connected Planning Xperience event in London.

Incorporating an innovative design and a range of custom features, Anaplan’s new UX and mobile application will provide an intelligent, personalised experience. Improved accessibility improves planning across devices, making it simpler for customers to understand intelligent insights from data in real-time.

The mobile application that Anaplan offers is a secure and innovative product that can support enhanced decision making and improve potential collaboration within the business. Decision-makers will be capable of accessing intelligent planning tools and improve overall productivity through complete access to the most crucial information when necessary.

Chief financial officers will be capable of providing approval while on the move, measure a range of scenarios developed by analysts via an individual source and make quick, informed and strategic decisions. Ana Pinczuk, the chief development officer at Anaplan explains that enterprise planning today involves a range of systems, multiple stakeholders and ever-changing data, making it challenging to collaborate and make confident real-time plans. Pinczuk states that their new UX and mobile system create a connected planning platform with added agility, enabling decision-makers real-time visibility and clear insights to allow intelligent plans.

With Anaplan’s new UX and mobile application, users will have access to the following:

Further customisation tools within pages, applications and worksheets, enabling a personal data-focused experience

-Supported end-user experience and simple navigation enabling users direct access to key information.

-Further agility to improve collaboration between users and allow for a faster feedback process

-Improved formatting functionality to support teams in quickly identifying key data and address certain areas of the business

-Intelligent self-service tools that enable users to manage and connect by interaction with Anaplan data.

Anaplan revealed the new UX and Anaplan Mobile products at the CPX event in London. Anaplan Mobile can be used on iOS and Android mobile devices and is available on Google Play and the Apple Store.

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