Anaplan launches its AI-powered predictive sales planning system

January 15, 2020

Leading connected planning business Anaplan has confirmed the release of a new AI-powered system for Predictive Sales Planning, supporting companies in managing their overall design and execution of sales and revenue strategies. The goal is to enable businesses to grow revenue at a quicker rate and create a competitive edge within their selected market.
As we move into 2020, sales professionals are facing a rising level of urgency to deliver quicker and more efficient rates of revenue growth in the circumstance of a reduced buying rate.

Anaplan’s Predictive Sales Planning technology provides sales professionals with the potential to measure accounts via AI-focused information, including company growth trends, business partnerships, hiring trends and buyer intent. All of these predictive tools support companies in enhancing their sales performance and the opportunity to select specific accounts with the best ability to buy.

Jason Loh, the Global Head of Sales Solutions at Anaplan explains that in a complex selling market, revenue leaders tend to find it difficult to select the best areas to focus on to deliver their commercial goals. The Predictive Sales Planning capabilities enhance the power of AI and ML to support sales professionals with the intelligence that improves overall growth and development. The Anaplan platform will allow sales professionals to make quick and efficient decisions about new markets, opportunities to invest and the ability to streamline revenue operations.

The predictive sales planning technology is available in four sections:

Predictive Account Segmentation and Scoring – combining internal data with predictive tools related to profile and buyer intend to define certain accounts with a better opportunity to buy.

Predictive Territory Planning – defines certain sales areas across selected factors such as industry, geography and product. It enables users to create a territory plan based on a combination of historical details and predictive insights.

Predictive Sales Capacity Planning – enhances coverage models along with sales factors and buyer insights with the aim of delivering revenue targets.

Predictive Quota Planning – enables allow sales leaders to create fair and realistic targets, goals and quotas by implementing predictive insights, buyer signals and intent-related information.

Robert Munoz, the research director of sales operations strategies at Forrester explains that sales leaders anticipate a potential slowdown in buying, spurring the need to drive revenue growth further. Munoz believes that sales professionals who focus on their sales intelligence capabilities, combining predictive AI solutions will deliver a higher level of productivity and sales.

The Predictive Sales Planning potential is now available on the Anaplan platform.

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