Analytics leaders DDN Storage and SQream partner to create enhanced decisions

February 27, 2019

Leading developer of storage solution DataDirect Networks, along with SQream, leading developer of GPU accelerated data warehouse have confirmed a solution that enables users to deploy large scale warehouse analytics. Using a combination of both systems, the innovative solution allows end users to effectively enhance the overall performance of business queries without incurring any challenges.

Data Analytics

An ‘Accelerating Analytics at Scale for Higher Quality Business Decisions’ webinar is planned between DDN, SQream and analyst company 451 Research to provide more details on the technology.

Businesses worldwide are starting to truly understand the complexities of efficiently measuring their substantial data stores. For many companies, the sheer amount of data now exceeds the capabilities of conventional data warehouses. To improve the use of data, analysts are exploring new architectures that will enable them to access, analyse and extract valuable data in an efficient manner.

DDNs architecture includes the required infrastructure to deliver a turnkey, GPU-focused analytics system. Comprising of the DDN AI200 NVMe-based storage system, the NVIDIA DGX-1 Deep Learning Server and its switching infrastructure, the A³I solution utilises parallelism to create the potential within SQream DB. The combined solution enables businesses to measure data quicker and at a considerably lower cost than conventional data warehouses.

Kurt Kuckein, senior director of marketing at DDN explains that their customers are continuing to find innovative ways to utilise analytics to deliver fresh insights into the business operation. According to Kuckein, the new partnership with SQream is transforming how companies can leverage their data and provide further value.

David Leichner, the CMO at SQream explains that there is a strong synergy within the partnership with DDN. A combination of the highest quality breed hardware, along with the database acceleration technology at SQream will result in improved capabilities of business insights. Leichner goes on to suggest that through the partnership with DDN, they can offer a solution that helps customers enhance their analytics performance and at the same time minimise any potential risk or challenges whilst meeting the requirements of each business.

DataDirect Networks Explained

DDN is a global leader in supplying big data storage to data-focused businesses worldwide. For over 20 years, DDN has been involved in designing, developing and launching optimised systems and software and storage solutions that allow businesses and agencies to create more value and enable more time to gather insights from their data. The DDN storage technology enables businesses to gather, store, process, analyse and distribute their data on a large scale in the most timely, reliable and cost-efficient manner. Clients working with DDN include some of the leading financial services companies, healthcare, manufacturing and energy business worldwide.

Introducing SQream

SQream focuses on its SQream DB, a GPU data warehouse system that enables the highest level of business intelligence from significant data stores. Businesses worldwide use the SQream DB to measure large volumes of data, for enhanced performance and to reduce costs as well as the potential to scale large amounts of data. SQream DB is available to users internally or via the cloud.

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